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The Negative Impacts of Teenage Pregnancy


Teenage pregnancy is a serious matter. It can alter the lives of teenagers, particularly those who are pregnant, and may impact their baby’s future. As healthcare professionals, we highly discourage teenage pregnancy because it comes with many disadvantages, mainly because most teenagers are unprepared for the responsibility or do not want the burden of having a child.

Here are some of the negative impacts of teenage pregnancy:

  • Loss of education. Pregnant teenagers will most likely drop out of school because they may experience physical complications, body image embarrassment, fear of bullying, and even severe mental and emotional problems.
  • Lack of financial support. Pregnant teenagers may face many financial issues if they do not get proper financial support from their parents. They may struggle to purchase necessities for their newborn.
  • Medical complications. Teenagers who are pregnant have a higher risk of medical complications. Without proper prenatal care, pregnant teenagers will have a higher risk of anemia, high blood pressure, and even miscarriage.
  • Emotional crisis. Getting pregnant at an early age might affect the teenager’s mental state. The teen mother may have a severe emotional problem because of the absence of social support from family and unfavorable comments about the pregnancy from society.

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