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How to Talk to Your Child About Sex Education?


It is never too early to start the sex education talk with your child. The earlier they learn about sexuality and their bodies, the easier it will be for them to understand the concept, increase their emotional maturity, and make better choices in the future. While sex education is now part of a school program in most states in the US, other countries are not as open to this topic. So, if you need help starting the conversation with your child, here are some of our tips:

It is essential to start this conversation before they hit puberty. But you should note that it isn’t a one-time conversation. You can begin as early as they are toddlers, and should be ongoing. The goal is to make them feel they can come to you for reliable, honest information without embarrassment or fear.

Another essential tip is always to use the correct names when discussing body parts such as the penis and vagina. Do not replace them with “cute” nicknames. It helps them understand that talking about these body parts is ok.

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