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We “adopt” defunct PHC in rural areas by taking over their daily activities and operations, and ensuring they are adequately staffed and equipped to provide comprehensive primary healthcare service across the community.

We plan to work with the state government to ensure the sustainability and continuity of the services rendered at theses health centers.

Each “adopted” health center would serve as the first point of contact with the health system for majority of the community residents. They would be outfitted to provide the primary care needs specific to their respective communities including, basic health check-ups, emergency care, medications, health awareness services, and more.

Adopt a Primary Healthcare Center

We are building an Alumni network of experienced leaders and professionals in different sectors for the health ecosystem in Nigeria.

Health For Nigeria will dramatically scale its operations, reaching more regions of the country and create a powerful network of allies, who will collectively propel massive shifts in the landscape – changing the trajectory for people, the healthcare system, and the country itself.