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Practical Methods for Preventing Teen Pregnancy

practical-methods-for-preventing-teen-pregnancyTeen pregnancy endangers the health of teen mothers and their newborns. Teen pregnancy is a worldwide issue. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), they are most common in poor communities with limited access to education and work. They are also the result of underage marriage, a lack of information about contraception, an inability to obtain contraception, and sexual abuse.

  • Sexuality Education
    Adolescents should be taught about sex. Support a youth development program that encourages adolescents to discuss openly their sexual feelings and experiences. Bring families and communities together to discuss sexuality without regard for socio-cultural barriers.
  • Increase the Use of Birth Control
    Raise awareness about the importance of using effective contraception. Normalize visiting your healthcare center to ask for information and advice regarding contraceptives.
  • Avoid Early Marriage
    Girls who marry young endure poverty and under-education, threatening their family’s futures. Sending females to school makes them less likely to marry young. Education enables them to better care for their family and positively impact society and public health.
  • Male Adolescent Counseling
    When educational programs target boys and girls, teen pregnancy can be effectively addressed. Inform young men about sexual health, risky conduct, and STIs. Assist teenage boys in understanding their obligations as partners.
  • Create a Positive Relationship with Children
    Children with a positive parent-child relationship are more likely to be joyful and confident. They will be aware of their obligations and social standards. Take note of what your youngsters say. Be cordial, polite, and respectful to them. Increase their self-esteem and confidence.

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