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Putting a Stop to Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Adolescence is a period of sexual identity development where adolescents make sense of their feelings and translate them into actions. This stage necessitates a sufficient understanding of sexual behaviors so that adolescents do not rely on peer groups for information.

This is due to misinformation and the consequences of high-risk sexual behaviors they may engage in, such as sexually transmitted diseases, may have on them and society at large.

Having thorough and factual sex education as part of a school program and at home can be a helpful means to stop the spread of STDs among young school children. Teaching children properly about reproductive health can give them the knowledge to practice safe sex and prevent teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Health For Nigeria is one of the countless NGOs that work hard to help children fight teenage pregnancy and STDs. As a non-profit organization in Lagos, Nigeria, we work together with our sponsors and volunteers to provide quality healthcare for communities in Nigeria.

Adopt a Primary Healthcare Center is one of our main projects. Each health center would serve as the first point of contact with the health system for the majority of the community residents. They would be outfitted to provide the primary care needs specific to their respective communities, including, basic health check-ups, emergency care, medications, health awareness services, and more.

Our health organization in Nigeria plans to work with the state government to ensure the sustainability and continuity of the services rendered at these health centers.

Should you wish to lend a hand, our organization will be more than glad to have you on board. We are always looking forward to any form of help, whether in kind or cash. Contact +231 706-463-4724 to know more.

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