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What Can Schools Do to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy


Teenage pregnancy is one of the leading challenges in the world. Unfortunately, not all youths receive proper sex education from their parents or teachers. Often, sex is seen as a taboo topic that shouldn’t be discussed within families. As purveyors of medical care services, our organization would like to remove this stigma and promote healthy sex education for all.

Aside from teenage pregnancy, basic family planning in general is also a challenge. Because of the lack of said topics being shared within the community, there is a rise in poverty and population levels, which can heighten the risk of repeating the cycle.

Schools are one of the key factors that can help prevent this. Our non-profit organization in Lagos, Nigeria, aims to advocate for better sex education as part of a school’s curriculum. In the classroom, children and teenagers should be taught about the reproductive system in a professional and scientific way to help them view sexuality as a biological thing, not a forbidden subject.

A lack of sex education within schools leads to injuries and health risks. People who are unaware of safe sex are prone to self-experiments and sexually transmitted diseases.

An absence of proper menstruation care also leads to pregnancies and health risks due to poor hygiene. Poor menstrual hygiene can pose serious health risks, like reproductive and urinary tract infections, which can result in future infertility and birth complications. Neglecting to wash hands after changing menstrual products can spread infections, such as hepatitis B and thrush.

Our health organization in Nigeria works closely with local government units to promote better wellness among its people.

Health For Nigeria’s Healthcare Center goes over and beyond to remove the stigma encroaching on sexuality and wellness. Support us today by exploring our website.

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