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It is the aim of our non-profit organization in Lagos, Nigeria, to assist our disadvantaged brothers and sisters in understanding basic human rights and living within their means. Health For Nigeria ensures that our Nigerian brothers and sister receive the necessary medical care to help them battle life-threatening diseases.

Medical access and fees in Africa are still prohibitively expensive for many households. Many Nigerian families are not receiving the necessary access to healthcare and education. Our health organization in Nigeria aims to address the following significant difficulties that our disadvantaged Nigerian people face:

  • Limited access to health care and skilled nursing
  • Limited access to healthcare and basic education
  • Poverty and destitution

Our healthcare providers strive to help families gain access to basic and advanced healthcare. Our program, the Nurse A School program, is targeted at under-served schools in rural areas around Nigeria. Our team recruits, trains, and deploys registered nurse (RN) fellows who will run clinics/sickbays in public schools, and provide healthcare support services to students and staff.

The RNs would also work with the school to foster health education, health awareness, and health literacy by establishing interactive health clubs at schools that would be led and run by the students and supported by the school nurse. A major goal of this program is to foster a lifetime of health awareness and healthy habits in the students.

The nurses would also be key in the COVID19 response and recovery efforts in opening schools. They would be trained in the best COVID19 re-entry and re-education practices to be utilized in the schools.

Please help us attain these goals. Our healthcare center needs your help. You may donate or volunteer for our cause by reaching us at

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