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Realizing Health Equity One School at a Time


Teachers are the primary movers of the educational wheel. Most of the school programs are enacted by them. But without partnership with various stakeholders, learning competencies are not achieved. No matter how engaging the teacher is, many factors need to be attended to achieve educational goals. Health is on top.

Research shows that health is one of the most common reasons students don’t report to school. The lack of healthcare center and healthcare professionals inside or near the school community is the culprit. This reality inspired Health for Nigeria to ensure that every student in the country has access to better healthcare by deploying registered nurses in every school.

We are a non-profit organization in Lagos, Nigeria, that believes that school nurses are beneficial on many levels. Here are the reasons why.

  • Reduced Absenteeism

    When a child reports to school while facing health concerns, a nurse can provide immediate care. First-aid can prevent serious complications and secure their attendance.

  • Health Awareness

    Nurses are health experts. They can spread literacy among the students so they can build healthy habits. Parents can learn from them, too. Nurses can help mobilize the whole school community in maintaining healthy practices.

  • Health Equity

    It is a sad fact that Nigerians do not have enough access to health equity. Being a health organization in Nigeria, we aspire to turn the table. We can only do that by targeting the schools. By having a nurse in school, access to health services is ensured. They can provide referrals, liaise between health care providers, provide health care assessments to students, and more.

If you are one with our dream of healthcare accessibility, support us. Reach out and let us discuss how you can help.

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