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Help HIV Patients By Giving Them a Chance to Live


Getting involved and being educated is essential, regardless if one is living with aids or not. HIV and aids are becoming very rampant in our society today. This disease can drastically affect the life of the individual. Experiencing discrimination indeed affects not only persons with aids but also their families.

The stigma and discrimination should be addressed and corrected. As an individual, you can get involved in HIV-related efforts to help end this stigma. Public health must be given attention not only to the government. But even to private individuals. A simple help can go a long way. Stand up to stigma by:

  • Volunteering to help talk openly about HIV and the stigma
  • Choosing a supportive language that is not discriminating
  • Speaking out about the correct myths and stereotypes
  • Learning, sharing what you know, and educating yourself and the others
  • Reaching out to health centers in the community or to organizations that support them

With the stigma of discrimination being so rampant nowadays, people are getting afraid to get treated in a healthcare center. Experiencing discrimination negatively impacts a person’s outlook in life. Treating them negatively affects their ability to secure their life’s necessities such as housing, medical care, and employment.

Our health organization in Nigeria aims to guide, educate, and consult communities into learning various ways of taking care of their health. We educate individuals on how to prevent and manage HIV/AIDS. Not only that, but we also focus on other health conditions.

Health For Nigeria is a non-profit organization in Lagos, Nigeria, that strives to provide and educate communities to help improve their lives.

To learn more about our organization and our programs, check our website. Should you have further questions, contact us.

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